Trophy stags and feisty pigs – at Opotiki Helicopters we have  extensive local knowledge and can drop you into the best secret spots in the Motu, Raukumara, Waioeka, Urutawa and Te Urewera Ranges. These ranges offer a huge area of prime hunting terrain. We will ensure you have an epic and unique experience hunting in the Eastern Bay of Plenty region.

We are happy to help with organising accommodation in either DOC huts or nearby lodges.

Contact us for more information and prices for your next ultimate hunting experience.

Hunting Permits

Each person within a hunting party must have a separate permit, whether hunting with a firearm, bow or knife. Permits cannot be transferred to, or be used by anyone else. To go hunting on public conservation land you need a DOC hunting permit.

If hunting with dogs, your dogs MUST have a current Kiwi Aversion Training Certificate.

If you are hunting in the Te Urewera Ranges you will need a Tuhoe permit and a separate permit if hunting in the Te Urewera Ranges with pig dogs.

Heli Hunting Information

We ask that your hunting party read the following information and adhere to our procedures in order to remain safe, help operations run smoothly, and ensure sites remain clean and tidy for other users. We appreciate that many of you have flown before but ask that you still follow Opotiki Helicopters procedures.

  • Follow all pilot instructions.
  • Remain calm around the aircraft.
  • Never walk around the rear aircraft.
  • Only the pilot is to load and unload the aircraft.
  • Dangerous goods – You must declare any dangerous goods to your pilot.
  • Once landed, remain seated until your pilot opens your door to disembark.
  • When unloading the aircraft the pilot will pass your gear to you to place on the ground.
  • Carry long objects horizontally below shoulder height. DO NOT THROW any gear. DO NOT RUN after excited dogs.
  • Keep in mind you are landing in remote sites so beware of uneven surfaces and rising ground as this reduces the clearance of the main rotor and you.
  • Ensure all your gear is secure. Place all light objects under heavy objects, personally hold jackets and hats etc so there are no loose objects.
  • Ensure camp fires are completely out before leaving.
  • Bring ALL your rubbish out with you, advise the pilot if there is extra rubbish at the campsite. Do not leave animal carcasses close to camp site.
  • Consider your weight flying in, if maxed out, we can’t bring extra weight out, i.e. meat.
  • Ensure animals for meat are boned out. Full deer carcasses can be slung out at extra cost, talk to your pilot.
  • Notify your pilot if you have lost any dogs on your trip, we can often find them for you.
  • Overdue aircraft for pickup – Don’t panic and remain at your campsite. Our company systems and staff know you are there and will be sorting arrangements to have you collected as soon as possible. Many factors can contribute to an overdue aircraft such as weather, unscheduled maintenance and work load.
  • Didimo – ensure all your gear is clean and dry as possible to help prevent the spread of Didimo.
  • To go hunting on public conservation land you need a DOC hunting permit and your dogs MUST have a current Kiwi Aversion Training Certificate.

What Should I bring

  • Warm clothing
  • Good footwear
  • Cooking equipment
  • Food supplies – allow for a couple of extra days food just in case
  • Fresh water containers
  • Tents and tarps
  • Sleeping bag and camp stretcher
  • Lighters and some rubber
  • Torch
  • Aid kit for you and your dogs
  • Rubbish bags
  • Hunting knifes
  • Rifles, ammo and your fire arms licence
  • Hunting permits – you get these from your local DOC office.
  • Tracking collars – these are a great way to prevent losing your dogs
  • Rip collars
  • Dog chains
  • Kiwi aversion cert for your dogs, contact your local DOC office to arrange this if they are not current.
  • ELB – emergency locator becon – come in handy when you need them
  • Camera with spare batteries
  • GPS or at least a map of your area

We appreciate your co-operation. Remember to be safe out there and enjoy your hunt.

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